For Tech Startups in Talent Acquisition

For product growth and scalability, focus on user centered product led development.

When product users are no longer included in the product development lifecycle, a chain reaction is set off. Initially, the number of active users drops and churn rate increases.

This causes stress on sales teams to satisfy customer demands, leading to a disconnect between product and sales.

As a result, customized solutions become the priority, leaving engineering resources stretched thin.

Fara Rives

Managing Partner & Head of Product Consulting

Fara is an industry-recognized leader and strategic visionary in the HR & Talent Technology industry. She has extensive experience in talent technology, vendor management, product management, customer relationship management, strategic planning and team building. Her capabilities in product and technology solution design have helped many clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, to revolutionize their Talent Acquisition processes or platforms. She has supported SaaS, Capital Markets, Consumer Finance, and Professional Services organizations.

Our Services

UX Research

Using a variety of different research methods we Identify your core user journeys and user pain points in order to align your product to current user needs and problem sets.

Product Roadmap & Strategy

Building Roadmaps either feature based or goal oriented, we align the voice of the market, customer and user to build a plan to achieve product market fit.

Success Metrics

We identify and align your product metrics and customers business metrics to build a set of success metrics that validate product impact.


Using an informed data plan, we identify strategic integration partners, providing architecture diagrams, interfaces and field maps to drive success.


User Satisfaction

Product Market Fit