Cadence Advisors is a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) with over 30+ years experience supporting multiple industries focused on complex business & talent acquisition solutions. Our networks and specialties combined have given us unique expertise to help our clients maximize opportunities with Business, Product, and Technology Solutions.

Fara Rives, Managing Partner

Fara is an HR & Talent Technology industry recognized leader and accomplished strategic visionary driving innovation and best practice into Talent Acquisition. With extensive experience in talent technology solutions, vendor management, product management, customer relationship management, strategic planning, building and leading of teams, that align with broader strategic objectives of culture, talent and clients. Fara’s product and technology solution design, helps our clients transform talent acquisition. Fara has worked with Fortune 500 companies along with Start-Ups supporting SaaS, Capital Markets, Consumer Finance, Professional Services,

Ian Rives, Managing Partner

Revenue Operations & Business Development leader with Utility & Renewable Energy subject matter expertise. His speciality is in positioning companies for success through designing revenue & growth strategies that maximize potential by defining the right client with the right opportunities for your business. Ian’s expertise is process design, implementation, technology platform integration, and hiring recommendations. Ian’s revenue growth framework helps our clients transform “Business Development” . Ian has also worked with Fortune 500 companies to start-ups for SaaS, Engineering & Construction, Professional Services, Industrial & Software Industries.